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Emek Hefer

Emek Hefer (Hefer Valley) Regional Council was established in 1940 and is the first regional council in Israel. Hefer Valley is a country side area in the center of Israel between urban areas (Netanya and Hadera), with 41 localities of different types of settlements that form a heterogeneous identity that matches the basis for innovation. The convenient location of the valley enables a supply of working places and accessibility to national - economic and urban centers - but in the same time creates challenges, for example: all state infrastructure, traffic and others, pass through the area. These challenges require the local council to find a balance between economic momentum and maintaining the green surroundings, the quality of life and the environment. 

The vision

Emek Hefer Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center is in the center of the regional innovation ecosystem. We promote and encourage organizational innovation among local companies and industry, foster technological entrepreneurship among the local residents, and address the challenges of the Regional Council, its organs and business partners, while leveraging the unique strengths of Emek Hefer, including the council, its partners and its high quality residents. 

Startup Development Team

Center's Management

חגית מרכז החדשנות עמק חפר

Galit Shaul

Board Member

מרכז החדשנות עמק חפר שגיא חבר הנהלה

Sagi Ben-Yoav

Board Member

יוני מנהל מרכז החדשנות עמק חפר

Yony Golan

Board Member


Hadas Ganot Dotan

General Manager


Our Partners

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