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Call for Startups to Apply


The Acceleration Program of the Innovation Center is located in the Kfar Vitkin in the historic People's House and is an exclusive program that lasts approximately 4 months which provides support service to entrepreneurs such as office services, administration, legal support, etc.

Participants in the program will have a chance to perform a pilot with one of the participant's groups in the program such as Sano group, Promedico, Prigat, Ruppin Academic Center and Emek Hefer Council in the areas listed below.

Focus areas

+ Environmental technologies such as water treatment, sewage and various solutions for urban environments.

monitoring, control systems, management and efficiency systems for industrial plants in the fields of food production and chemicals.

Processing and packaging of food products and other consumer products.

Collaborative logistics.

Technologies for managing, optimizing, collecting and shipping to logistics centers.

Solutions for streamlining communication in service centers.

+ Agriculture & Aquaculture.

who are we looking for?

Entrepreneurs with start-up companies who are in the concept stage and up to entrepreneurs who have a product at an advanced stage and on the way to raising investments.

How to Apply

First stage

Submitting an application by filling out the attached questionnaire at the end and clicking the "Apply" button.

Second stage

We will review your request. If you are befitting, you will pass to the next stage in which an extended questionnaire will be sent to you where you will be asked to fill in all the relevant information for the rest of the process.

Third stage

The Steering Committee of the Innovation Center will invite you to present to it (either in zoom or in a frontal presentation, depending on the situation) the venture through a presentation. The committee members is composed of the management of the center, the management of the Emek Hefer local council, the economic company and the management of our business partners, in addition to external professional consultants.

After the meeting you will be contacted about the final decision.

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