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Why Emek Hefer

Emek Hefer Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center is the heart of the innovation and entrepreneurship community of the Emek Hefer valley. The importance of cultivating a supportive regional innovation community that benefits all its members and promotes business, academic and social goals for Emek Hefer Regional Council and its business and academic partners is our main goal.


Entrepreneurship in the Valley

A monthly lectures program led by entrepreneurs from the community and for its benefit

Entrepreneurs from the Valley Forum

Entrepreneurs  from the valley forum for the benefit of the valley - A professional forum to which all entrepreneurs from the valley are invited

Young Innovation in the Hefer Valley

Entrepreneurship programs for the youth in collaboration with regional educational institutions and the youth community



Entrepreneurship and innovation events in the valley and outside it

Connecting to local and international communities

Connecting the entrepreneurial from the valley community to the Israeli and international ecosystem

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